I don't just sell chanters to solo players.

I am an agent for all McCallum Bagpipes products and also have experience of setting up pipe bands with McCallum pipe band chanters.

Any bagpipe product sold by me will have undergone thorough testing by me personally before it is sent to you.

Before that happens my preferred method is to discuss with you either on the telephone or email what your needs and preferences are in purchasing your set of bagpipes. I don't sell pipes through a shopping cart as I feel the transaction should be conducted in a more personal manner in order for you to get the bagpipe which you require. Only by conducting business this way do I feel you can take full advantage of the personal service I can provide.

As bagpipe players we all want to have an instrument which is comfortable, air efficient and displays all the tonal qualities we expect. That is where I can invest a considerable experience (in excess of 30 years) which you can take advantage of. My track record of producing a superior sound means that I am a perfectionist when it comes to setting up a bagpipe. I will invest the same devotion to your bagpipe before it reaches you.

It is important that you discuss with me and decide your desired set up, which will include such preferences as the bag type, bag size, reed types, reed strength, blowpipe length and pipe chanter.

Once all the set up has been carried out I will personally play the instrument and fine tune it so that it reaches you in optimum playing condition, all ready to go and sounding the way a bagpipe should at its best.

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