McC² is all about the collaboration between myself and McCallum Bagpipes.

The process began in the Autumn of 2005 with a phone conversation between Kenny MacLeod and myself. The result of that was an agreement to work together to create a new solo chanter.

That process took some time and culminated in the launch of the McC² chanter in August 2007. It is marketed as the 'McCallum Solo Chanter' but has come to be known as McC² due to the very popular marketing logo of McC²=Gold, the brainchild of kenny MacLeod.

I have played the new chanter at every recital and contest since then. The crucial factor in the release was that the product would be one I would stand beside and be confident to play at any level. Only by achieving that would I want to sell the chanter to anyone else.

The new chanter is a completely re-designed chanter and different in every way to the previous McCallum chanters.

The new chanter is quieter and slightly lower pitched than the previous model which was mainly designed for the pipe band market.

The main characteristics we tried to achieve were stability, good harmonic and volume balance with the drones, reedability, clarity of notes and embellishments, good projection without too much volume. The stability of the piobaireachd high G was a major development priority.

I personally test every chanter against my Henderson drones.

The chanter is available both in blackwood and polypenco.



Gordon Duncan Memorial - 1st in MSR section, 3rd overall

Metro Cup - 1st Medley, 2nd Piobaireachd, 1st overall

Donald MacLeod Memorial - 1st MSR and 1st overall

Dr Dan Reid Memorial - 1st Piobaireachd, 1st MSR and 1st overall


Lochaber gathering overall (including all four firsts)

Argyllshire gathering - 2nd in Senior Piobaireachd and also Former Winners MSR

National Mod - 1st in Piobaireachd and 1st overall

Glenfiddich - 1st in MSR and 3rd overall



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